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What is Bitbunny is a new proof-of-concept platform that is aiming to bridge the world between tradable, collectable NFTs and real, tangible, living, snuggly and fluffy long-eared friends. An owner of a BitBunny token will be able to access a private part of our website,, which is exclusive only to the owner of the specific Bitbunny token and protected by an encryption or ID hash. The details for accessing this part of the website will be hidden within the metadata of the coin. In the exclusive My BitBunny part of our website, the BitBunny adopter will be able to access exclusive pictures, a video feed and various ways to interact with the real, living bunny such as buttons for small snack choices and treats, a daily meal menu, games, and a way to donate to their adopted little fluffer. Our goal is to have a full rollout of the platform once Cardano’s Alonzo hardfork is complete, unlocking the full functionality of smart contracts. Currently, we are very much in the early development and marketing phase. Our domain is purchased and we are creating graphics and content for the BitBunny subreddit and Instagram accounts. We have decided to submit a proposal for Project Catalyst Fund 5. The website will be built affordably upon wordpress, using the Enfold theme and many layers of custom graphics. The website will use simple, clean 8-bit design with a pastel color scheme, much like our logo and banner design. A splash page will be added in the very near future to tie in the BitBunny brand and provide access to our roadmap and frequent updates. The website will be supplemented with two currently active social media accounts on Reddit (r/BitBunny) and Instagram ( These will provide lots of fun community interaction and exclusive behind-the-scenes content of our little BitBunny floofers out in the world (We own leashes to walk them in public!) and the BitBunny Ranch. A formal roadmap is currently being put together and will be posted shortly. Hoppy Epoch 259!
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