About the CardanoWall project

Hi! My name is Igor. I am the creator of this service and a huge fan of the Cardano network.

CardanoWall allows people to send different types of messages in a simple and convenient way to the Cardano blockchain. When the Cardano network received the ability to add metadata to transactions, my immediate thought was to create a service that would allow everyone leave a mark in the blockchain forever. Even if you’re not a blockchain expert or fanatic, you most probably have heard of it. One of the main advantages of the blockchain is that once saved, data cannot be rewritten or deleted; it will stay there forever and will be publicly available. These data entries are copied to thousands of PCs all over the world and will stay in their history forever, no matter how the Internet develops in the future. The first blockchain was Bitcoin, which you may have heard of, what you may not be aware of is the ability to send any messages to its blockchain. However, Bitcoins network’s possibilities cannot be compared to that of the Cardano network! Messages in the Cardano network will appear in a few seconds, they can be very large in the size (up to 16 kb), and can be structured. But the most important benefit is that the price of sending even the longest message is available to everyone!

First, I want to tell you about anonymity – you are on this website which is connected to cryptocurrencies 😉. There is no registration or entrance by email. The email that you indicate is used by the system only once, to send you a coupon, so it is not stored anywhere. If you have purchased a balance, it is only connected to that coupon code. So, please save and never lose that coupon since I will not be able to identify you or to resend the coupon.

Every transaction in the Cardano network costs money. That’s the reason why I cannot make the message sending functionality free of charge. I’ve established the specific price in order for the service not to operate at a loss, and to hopefully even generate some profit! I plan to put all profits towards ensuring its continued technical maintenance and further development. At the moment, payments are only accepted in Cardano coins. You can pay absolutely any amount, starting with the minimum 1₳ (ADA). One message costs 1₳ for you and has a different cost for me depending on the size of the sent data. Every message has a limit in terms of the max size and string length. Every message is automatically split into strings of 64 bytes. Please note, bytes, not characters! I have made the sending process as simple and intuitive as possible. You don’t even have to understand how it works or what the limits or formats are. Simply type in your message and push the ‘Send’ button as you would with any social platform. The project is only at the initial stages of its development, but I already have a clear vision of what it can become.

Let me explain why someone would need to send messages somewhere to make them stay there forever and be publicly available. If we’re talking about “proof of existence”, then the blockchain can serve as the notary. You send some information about the file on your computer into the network, but not the file itself. You do not disclose the content of the file by any means, however, in the case of necessity, you have a guaranteed proof that your file existed at the moment of sending the file. This can be a digital document containing a very important contract, media files, a book, or music pieces, which you created. Such a record can prove the copyright of the file owner. Nobody can falsify the content of the file so as not to change its hash sum which is sent in the message. The hash sum does not disclose the content of the file in any way and you don’t have to indicate the name of the file due to confidentiality precautions.

Certainly, while there are many practical uses for the blockchain, you should know that there are also a lot of possibilities to use it for fun. Think about it, where else would you be able to write yourself into history forever with such ease if not in blockchain? You can congratulate a person you love, share some news or a link, or simply reveal your emotions with emojis or characters, or even encrypt a secret message… Now you have a tool for it, let your imagination run wild!

Having said that, It's important that I ask you not to use this service to send spam messages, someone’s personal data, or illegal materials. The entire responsibility for the content of the messages relies on you as there is no possibility to delete or change the message once it has been sent. We live in a very interesting time full of historically significant events, where we have a blockchain. It cannot be affected by banks or any government organisation on the planet. It can be used to denote freedom of information, financial transactions, and to allow you to be the sole owner of your means. Use the blockchain wisely and be eco-friendly!

P.S. If you want to support me and the development of this service, I won’t ask you to make a donation. Instead, you should buy coupons in volumes you can afford and give them to relatives and friends! Let them become acquainted with the blockchain and do them a great service as a result 😀. In the Cardano network, I have my own pool named VICE. If you believe, the same as I do, that Cardano is the most progressive technologic network, then I ask you to support my pool and delegate your “stake” into it. You don’t have to transfer your money anywhere to delegate it and you aren’t limited to using your wallet. With your delegation, you simply vote for my pool to help it take a more active part in the support of the decentralization of the Cardano network, actively minting new blocks. Delegation for you will turn into a pleasant income because the Cardano network will automatically generate “rewards” every 5 days for participating in delegating.

Have a great day, everyone! Should you have any questions, please contact me through Telegram.
CardanoWall creator