What is CardanoWall?

CardanoWall allows you to send a message to the Cardano blockchain in the easiest way possible, without delving into technical details. Your message will stay there forever and nobody can ever delete or change it. The most logical application is to make concrete the proof of the existence of documents. You can simply select files on your computer and the browser will calculate their unique hash sums. If you send those sums to the blockchain, this will be proof that such a document already existed at the moment of sending the message. It can also be used to simply congratulate someone for their birthday or anniversary, to speak about yourself, or share your thoughts. There are many applications of the Cardano blockchain and you already have the tools to utilise it right in front of you!

1. Purchase a coupon
Your email is not stored anywhere or saved to the database. It is used by the website only once – to send a message containing a coupon code.

2. Enter a coupon code

3. Send a message
You need to buy a coupon with balance on it to send a message.
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The files will be encrypted using your private key. The entire encryption process takes place in your browser. There are restrictions on the maximum file size due to the high consumption of RAM at the time of encryption. The files will become publicly available to everyone, but it will be possible to decrypt them with a password that is created from your private key. Each file will have its own unique password.

Select files if you need to send a "Proof of Existence".

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Attention, to send a message to someone else's address, we need to send at least 1 ADA + transaction fee, so your balance will be charged 1 message more than when sending a regular message. Your coupon must have at least 2 ADA on its balance.