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Olivecoin (OLV) is the world's first cryptocurrency to use a "Proof-of-Mousey" consensus algorithm (MOUSEYX) to increase scarcity of supply. Olivecoin proudly runs on the Cardano blockchain and aims to bring good fortune, good humor and opportunity for innovation to the network. GOOD FORTUNE, GREAT FINANCE-- OLIVE YOUR DOLLARS RIGHT MEOW! 🐱 There are only Ø111,111 Olivecoin ever to have been minted. Olivecoin was and continues to be distributed in amounts of Ø111 since its initial coin offering on March 12th, 2021. The majority of the coin is centralized and held in the soon-to-be-public Olive Branch where you will be able to get your own. Olivecoin uses a cutting-edge algorithm (MOUSEYX) to create coin burn events, increasing its overall scarcity and value, as well as reducing supply. Olive, our farm cat, verifies (hunts) mousies. These mousies are given a unique hash ID by the system after it is tied to a photograph and GPS data. If these two dependencies are met, the system will trigger a coin burning event in the amount of Ø111 Olivecoin. The "Mousey Events" will be made public on the Olivecoin_OLV subreddit and Olivecoin Instagram account for public verification and the public integrity of the system. These include the photograph, timestamp, GPS data and unique hash ID. These burn events will continue until all of the Olivecoin held in the Olive Branch is depleted, or there are no mousies in the vicinity of the farm. As a small, finite coin, very little is in circulation, and all of the majority supply in the Olive Branch is always at risk of depletion from unpredictable Mousey Events. And it is soon to be summer on the farm. 🐁 🐭 🚀 Olivecoin (OLV) operates with the eco-friendliness of the Cardano ecosystem as well as the security and greatly reduced error of the Haskell programming language. 🔐🌱 Olivecoin will be offered via The Olive Branch as part of the MEOWMIX upgrade, expected Q2 this year. Olivecoin will also be sold on many DEXs on Cardano after the Alonzo HFCE. Have an exchange you would like to see Olivecoin on? Tell us here in a message.! Expect new updates regularly, like a formal roadmap and live price graphs. A formal whitepaper is currently being written and published to explain the technical advantages, methodology, goal and execution of the Olivecoin (OLV project). This is expected to be complete by May 2021. GET OLIVECOIN 🏦 Until then, get Olivecoin directly through the Olive Branch by sending a request on this subreddit or through the Olivecoin instagram account. The price is currently set at 2 ADA per coin, max Ø111 per address. OLIVE BRANCH RECEIVING ADDRESS addr1q85g9kumjjs5qp96lgyet7u9slhx8cvp52cvaws6n8hhfu6m523ve4mpktt 5tru7rdhjphwkwwrkq2dk8pedyv7fqlzqpz6auh We are part of a growing ecosystem of agricultural and domestic animal-based blockchain businesses and technologies operating in rural America within the Cardano blockchain and community. We expect this to grow with Cardano's Alonzo hardfork combinator event this fall, when smart contracts and dapps will be live on the mainnet. 🐄 Visit our sister project at r/bitbunny🐇
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