Пожалуйста, ждите…
2 года назад
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Covid Chronicles. This message was gleaned from Reddit: https:// www.reddit.com/r/NoNewNormal/comments/p73dpz/i_am_beginning_to_f eel_like_i_am_going_crazy/ NoNewNormal, a site that reddit has quarantined and will eventually ban. Freedom of Speech indeed. User u/Magari22 "I am beginning to feel like I am going crazy Dystopia I am in NYC (which explains a lot of this) and it’s at a point where nearly EVERYONE is asking ARE YOU VACCINATED? It feels so piggish and gross and invasive. And it’s being done as if it’s everyone’s right to know what is in my blood. It’s freaking me out. People are under a crazy spell and they don’t even seem human to me anymore. Today a friend of mine who is getting FIOS installed told me Verizon asked if she was vaccinated. Another friend told me she spent 45 minutes looking for a place to charge her device and get a drink and virtually every place she went into asked for her papers. In one place she asked to speak with a manager in a kind respectful way and the person at the front started yelling at her and refused. It feels like everyone has been body snatched and replaced by awful people who have no humanity or ability to think and no common sense , no spine. I am constantly sick. I wake up with a paralyzing stomach ache every morning. I am nauseous and cannot eat (which is good because i will probably be locked out of grocery stores soon). I cry at what the world has become and where it’s going. I seriously worry about children, I worry about the future for them and what kind of world they are going to have to live in if this continues and goes even further. I wonder why more people aren’t standing up, do they just not care? Do they really not get this? I can’t believe so many people honestly don’t see what this is, they really believe it’s about a virus. They think all of this is totally necessary and normal. They think trying to take away peoples livelihoods, break up families, and starve them to death is perfectly fine because it’s all for the greater good. This is the sickest thing I’ve ever seen in my lifetime up close. I have some very dark thoughts when it overwhelms me, like this would all end if my heart stopped beating. I don’t have to stand this I can opt out. But then I snap out of it and I realize, this isn’t me. I’m a lively outgoing happy person or at least I was. Today I was talking with a friend and he told me that this is exactly where the powers that be want me right now and I can’t give up. I have to keep going and stay strong because this is the breaking point that they want us at. And if I give up now I won’t get to see better days which are ahead at some point. It’s just hard to see it through this thick cloud of shit. I’m trying everything I can to hold onto my job but I know I’m probably going to lose it. Not sure what I will do. I’m older and it will be hard for me to find work. I’ve been at the job I’m at for 17 years and I really enjoy it. Im at a very good place in life everything was stable and going really well up until now. I have had a very hard life full of loss and struggle and I had finally gotten to a point where I felt stable and safe after many years. I am such a mixture of everything, sadness, disbelief, shock, intense anger, disgust, fear, anxiety you name it. It just feels like virtually everyone around me is crazy. I feel like I can’t connect with them, there’s something empty and cold that I can’t break through. I thank God there are a handful of people in my life who are normal thinking and sane and rational but it is becoming increasingly dystopian and there are times when it honestly seems like the only way out is to not be here anymore. It’s exhausting and depressing and being where I am there’s no way I cannot think about it. It’s all around me. I was reading something today that said the war is won before it is even fought. When you’re losing, your movements are not made using strategy but desperation. Think about that in all areas of your own life, relationships etc. When you know you have already lost or have no chance of winning what do your actions look like? Apply that to what is going on today. I’ve been thinking about this a lot." -Dark times indeed, I can't help but wonder what historians will say about this incident 100 yrs from now. SS