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3 года назад
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“The furnace” Why would you ever want to destroy a crypto coin? It’s the best thing for your community it’s an act of self sacrifice benefiting everyone else in that you are making the coin more scarce and consequently more valuable. What if you have a coin like Bitcoin that’s damaging to the environment and you want to move it to a new chain. With out hurting your old community. The furnace is a virtual machine that operates autonomously it validates the coin has been destroyed is able to forget. Also has the ability to mint a brand new coin as a receipt of the burn. “Pay per view payed per view” Imagine a theatre the price of your ticket is determined buy how many people are watching. You use you key to buy the ticket and start watching. When you decide to leave you are payed the going rate of the tickets.So you may buy in at dollar but sell out at two or vice versa. Could be done over live stream. “The fish basket” A basket is passed through the community if you have plenty. You put a coin in and pass it on. If you are in need you put take a some out. I had a dream I bought a ticket to a show. When I entered the theatre everyone was hypnotized by a snake on stage who’s head would go up and down. If people where coming in the snakes head would go up if people were leaving the snakes head would go down. We were collectively tied to that snake emotionally and financially. I felt a fellowship with the other people but also in the air I felt suspicion and distrust. We had all become captives of the snake. A man stood up and burned his ticket. The snakes head did not move.
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