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Your individual truths will set you free, and our universal proofs will be NFTs. Eschewing the old authorities on truths that have crumbled in the modern era makes the validity of each assumption something to be proven or disproven on its own instead of each assumption being an integral part of any school of thought. Truths are then defined by their relation to other observations and phenomena, and not simply absolute in their nature as a prima facie essence of an idea due to repeated observations and phenomena. The scientific method knocked the essence of truth off its belief-based pedestal, making every principle an assumption that carries validity so long as it is not disproven. Every discovery leads to the revision of the previously held principles, as well as the associations thereof. With uniquely identifiable representations of artwork now minted on-chain and held as provably non-fungible assets with or without correlating objects in the natural world, there is an avenue for universally accessible and freely appraisable manifestations of ideas or art that maintain their identity so long as the consensus mechanisms behind their respective cryptocurrency remain in operation- making them effectively immutable. Ascribing individual representations of specific ideas in the form of NFTs can then be a means to evaluate the validity and popularity of different ideas in a free market setting. Establishment of validity of information without any authority figure presents an unprecedented possibility of a fluid exchange of ideas on an open market in a direct sense. Just as triple-ledger accounting using a database that synchronizes in a decentralized manner revolutionized the concept of money in a way that jettisoned the requirement for central planning & authority in monetary policy, so too does the advent of NFTs backed by that same distributed ledger technology provide a basis for directly representing specific ideas - and evaluating their validity - without the need for any central or multi-party authority to guarantee the accuracy of the information. Dissociating the validity of an idea from the identity of its proponent would yield a universal means of independently evaluating ideas and determining truth with complete disregard for any political, socioeconomic, or other extraneous influences engendering any presumptions, allowing ideas to be evaluated solely based on merit. Broadcast networks have granted humanity the capability to disseminate information much more quickly than what was facilitated by the printing press, however the top-down control of the conveyed information remained intact. Protocols for accessing media on demand have facilitated network-building in addition to interactivity of the information we readily access, however the political nature of different people subscribing to different subsets of sources of information continues to divide, as those with overlapping subscriptions to particular sources constitute self-establishing groups and descend into echo chambers. Now NFTs present the possibility of defining specific and potentially redundant representations of ideas with zero regard for the identity of the holder or proponent. While reputation of different holders would most likely wax and wane over time as networks constantly reevaluate credibility, the potential for top-down control of information is reduced in a way that has never before been possible, and ushers in a new era of individual freedom and personal self-determination of validity of different truths that can be reevaluated, held, or disregarded on a case-by-case basis. Relative anonymity of separate holders would effectively parse the reputation of the holder of the NFT from the determination of the validity of its representation of truth and de-politicize the evaluation of ideas, improving collective truth-sensing and filtering out propagandist sources. Individuals will be freed from emergent authority based upon overlapping subscriptions to sources constituting sycophantic groups and enabled to reevaluate their respective beliefs uniquely - without interdependence leading to any king of crisis of faith upon rejection of one of the ideas they formerly held. We will be freed from dogmatic association, and able to evaluate each idea and its associations individually.
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