3 年 前
Proof of Liberty *** I wait patiently, the time has come. in this new millennium, already begun. Serene, I perceive a new era, with innovative technology, it thrives. *** Few understand the idea, others understand it, but hate it. Register of ones and zeros chained together, paradox of freedom, in encrypted code. *** Validate a book in consensus, when you invoke it, it forges strong writing, in solid blocks. There is no king, no slave, all pairs, like brothers. *** Don't trust, verify, your own research, gratify. If it's not your keys, it's not safe, the key is in the seed, a hard code. *** You can't undo it, it's irreversible, immutable in time, your record lives. Head in the sky, feet on the ground, scale swiftly in the cloud and on the ground. *** Power of hash or power of community, coining value, or delegating security. Don't create them, gentlemen in suits and ties, it's nobody's, it's everybody's, don't gnaw the rats. *** The four winds caress my soul, I smell it, I feel it, it is part of karma. Time will be the verdict of truth, the sign of change is proof of liberty. *** LiberLion, lion of liberty. *Translated from Spanish.