2 年 前
Original link to full video on twitter: https://twitter.com/cdelvallejr/status/1428338338394673158 Will probably not exist for long due to censorship. Apparently in Australia, parental consent is not needed to give a child a vaccination. To be fair, the TGA has approved the vaccinations even though there are no long-term studies. Meanwhile overseas, the FDA has yet to approve the vaccinations, but allows them under the Emergency Use Authorization. US Federal government is not mandating vaccinations of their citizens, however they are leaving it up to local states to decide on mandates. As a way to work around the hot topic of mandatory vaccinations, some states are opting for proof of vaccination before entering restaurants, stores and businesses. The larger issue is a complete lack of trust in governments and media. People don't know what to believe anymore in regards to Covid-19 and it's only a matter of time before bad actors light the fuse to this powder keg.

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