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Il testo del messaggio ing_say_it_cardan%E1%B4%8F_is_overhyped/ by: u/CurrentlyADragon "I'll fucking say it. Cardanᴏ is overhyped. SCALABILITY Cardanᴏ is way too overhyped and overvalued. How is it the 4th largest crypto without even a working product. All it has are promises, 'smart contracts coming soon'. There so many coins out there that actually have smart contracts. Harmony, Algorand, even fucking Tezos. The only reason it's even alive is because its the 'Ethereum Killer'. It's alive because of the FOMO of maybe, just maybe there's a chance that it might overtake ethereum. The only thing it has is a Charles Hoskinson, who's created an entire cult built on false promises." Received Platitudes from Reddit: added to r/ControversialClub because it was one of the most controversial posts of the last hour on all of reddit. -SS