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PreViWell The goal of this project is to realize 'self-empowerment' through an 'environmental experience' for body, mind and soul. The project is envisioned by a very spiritually advanced Dutch Architect, Ingolf Kruseman, who designs buildings in an ecological, 5D way. The original project includes a Healing centre, a Wellness centre, a Lifestyle Care hotel, 3 organic restaurants, and a group therapy building. There will be a building that can be used as a conference centre or a learning Campus for health and innovative technology. The design also includes eco homes surrounding the main buildings for personnel, care support and visitors. There will be a greenhouse for vertical gardens for self-supporting food production with aqua Ponics, combined with energy production and healing water treatment for pools and showers. The buildings are ecological, energy friendly, water being an important part of the whole park. PreViWell will be built close to a underground Crystal, also a water spring, where the water will be used for healing and wellness. Water has consciousness. Our body can be reset and healed with the right positive decoded water.